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The Biomolecular Interaction Centre (BIC) was established at the University of Canterbury in 2007.  BIC recently received a multi-million dollar investment from the University of Canterbury to become one of two new premier research institutes on campus. The BIC objectives are to support and foster research in the area of biomolecular interactions. 

3 upcoming Symposia

28 October - BIC/BlueFern Computing
6 November - Applications for Genomics
9 December - Evolving Biomolecules

Evolving and Engineering Biomolecules

Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. We take that adage to heart, and are exploring fundamental questions of how molecules evolve, function and interact.

Engineering Biotechnology

Advances in bioengineering provide great potential for enhanced device functionalities. We aim to connect basic biotech research with innovative applications driven by engineering technology.

From Interaction to application

Protein interactions are important in an amazing variety of applications, so our basic science finds application in a broad range of fields: drug design, nanotechnology, food science, agritech and diagnostics.

‘I enjoy being part of New Zealand’s world-leading research...’

Xiaoli Sun Studying towards a PhD in Biochemistry
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New BIC Adjunct (1 September 2014) We are delighted to welcome Dr James Murphy (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research) as an UC Adjunct Associate Professor jointly with BIC and the School of Biological Sciences.

New BIC Investigator (12 August 2014) We are delighted to welcome Dr Monica Gerth (University of Otago) as an Associate Investigator.

New BIC Adjunct (9 June 2014) We are delighted to welcome Dr Hironori Suzuki as an UC Adjunct Senior Fellow.

New BIC Investigator (16 April 2014) We are delighted to welcome Prof Tony Kettle (University of Otago, Christchurch) as an Associate Investigator.

New BIC Adjunct (9 April 2014) We are delighted to welcome Richard Neutze (Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden) as an UC Adjunct Professor.


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